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First City guides for young explorers

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The City ABC Books are a series of first city guides designed

to introduce the youngest readers to what is unique about other places around the world, 

and to foster their love for exploring and discovering from a young age.




Welcome to Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands!

Amsterdam is famous for its bridges, canals, and bikes,

but there is so much more to it. Ready to discover the ABCs of this wonderful city?

The ABCs of Amsterdam:

a first guide to the capital of the Netherlands 

by Paola Bucciol, with illustrations by Anca Ioana Boștină


The ABCs of Amsterdam definitely offers learning while having fun, and it’s a great introduction to the Dutch culture and Amsterdam for its youngest visitors. Be sure to check out this book before your family trip to Amsterdam.

Tea Gudek Šnajdar,

art historian, travel blogger, and founder of the Culture Tourist

We invented with this book a "Letter hunting" game. Every letter in this book is connected with an activity , monument or even food. 
So our trip continues on letter at a time. Such an interesting way to explore a city or your city.


Amazon  customer's review

(5-stars rating)

An alphabetical guide to the city of Amsterdam, this book has been written cleverly and beautifully to teach children about one of the most famous European capitals.


Amsterdam Mamas,

non-profit foundation and parenting community for expat parents in Amsterdam

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